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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by belikethat, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Not an Android video streaming player, but I have the WD TV Live Hub.
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    what channels are u able to view ?
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    Is this similar to a jailbroken Apple TV that I have been hearing about? About to watch many satellite channels?
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    Don`t think so it able to watch from satellite, I think that's another device
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    WD TV Live Hub

    I know this is late to the thread, but if you're thinking of getting a WD TV Live Hub, get the US version which supports Netflix. Otherwise there are a bunch of Live TV apps but none with as good a database.

    Although the latest firmware supports geo location reset, there is a hardware decoding for Netflix.
    Geo location reset requires a LAN connection (not wireless) and happens either at:
    1) Firmware update or
    2) Factory reset
    Bought my device locally, tried setting up PPTP VPN on my router and manage to get the device to reset to US location but still no Netflix. :(

    It does DLNA and works well with HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2 & S3; from my personal tests. Show pics, videos & playing music works like a charm.

    Apple Compatibilty
    You will need to buy media::connect app for iOS devices for DLNA.
    Although it has an iTunes server, you can only access it from iTunes on a computer. It's not accessible from an iPod, iPad, iPhone.

    Overall, I've been pretty satisfied with the device and it does have pretty frequent firmware updates. You'll get a notification whenever one is available and you're presented with the option to install. Rolling back firmware versions is also as simple as downloading from WD website into a USB drive and stick it into the device.

    Head over here for more details:
    Itsy Bitsy Tech Details: DLNA : WD HD Tv Live Hub + WMP11 + HTC Sensation
  7. Adrian Wong

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    I have the Live Hub, and I love it. But I didn't know it cannot support Netflix. :think:

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