Anyone knows how to bypass DansGuardian's security firewall??

Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by vccy118, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. vccy118

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    Man, angel1011, if you know my story, you will certainly "cry" for me. The place i live now doesn't have internet connections, here don't even have a fixed telephone line!! The only way I can go online is through the uni's computer lab...and the computers there sucks big time! Can't even play starcraft on it! Plus the IT guys keep on blocking this and that, limiting our internet access to a hole only big enough to fit in a pin! I had to abandone my 96 lvl Assassin Cross just because i wanted to further my studies here... :wall:
  2. that's the trouble with proxies, they go down daily and are on/offline allot, just keep switching proxies and applying the new proxy you will eventually find one that will work for a while.
  3. vccy118

    vccy118 Newbie

    Thx for the advice Girrafe Hunter! I will try it. Thz a lo for your help.
  4. angel1011

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    hehehe....i never heard that u can play any games on uni's lab computer except the usual windows games and such :mrgreen:

    I tell u ah....I have to abandon the idea of playing RO until I came out recently from uni coz i finally graduate. but then oso I need to think how to play coz my mom banned gaming... :wall: u very lucky oledi la....96lvl assasin cross summore!!! me nvr try change 2nd lvl job before, not even reincarnate la.... :oops:

    bring ur own PC la, at least u can play offline games. I finished AOM and Warcraft during my stay in the hostel :shifty:

    sorry btw, coz it's off-topic.... :mrgreen:
  5. vccy118

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    eeeehhhh.... still can't acces into Friendster after trying for so many days... I will keep trying, thx for the help Girrafe Hunter.
  6. robbo837

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    hey im in college and dansguardiam is blocking all the sites i wanna go on. can anyone tell me how i can get onto these sites :
    msn messenger ( or any messenger programs)
  7. 9highst

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    use to get through dansguardian

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