Covid-19 Causes Spike in Anxiety & Depression

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  1. Study shows that 4 out of 10 adults had developed symptoms of depression or anxiety during the pandemic and it is a sharp increase compared to results obtained before a pandemic.

    It includes how often they have felt down, depressed, hopeless or anxious in the last week, how often they have been unable to stop worrying or shown little interest or pleasure in doing things – all symptoms that have been shown to be associated with diagnoses of generalized anxiety disorder or major depressive disorder.
  2. Do you have any thoughts that you can share here? anyone? :dance:
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    I guess its gonna affect extroverts more than introverts.
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  4. Depends on the situation.
  5. Introverts tend to be energized by time alone, while extroverts draw their energy from the outside world: the people, places, and things around them.

    At the start of the pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home order, many believed introverts would fare better than their extroverted friends who thrive on social interaction. “Introverts, check on your extroverted friends. They are not OK,” quickly became a popular social media meme at the start of the pandemic.
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    I'm a "extroverted introvert"

    I feel like last year was tough, and this year, eventhough vaccine rates aren't where they should be, having been fully vaccinated for several months, it has given me a bit more peace of mind, and feels easier

    I also took over a year off work to work on my own personal mental health, and was able to do a full reset just before the pandemic really came into fill spring

    But having started a job at the start of things getting locked down here (last March) and not getting the interaction that I'm typically used to working in a team, kinda sucks.

    My cat had also helped quite a bit too (don't discount to positive effect of animals)

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    I'm slightly more introvert. Not affected as badly as most during lockdowns, but I need a mountain bike ride every week or just a simply drive around the city which make a big difference. I also lost my job early this year, and thankfully got a replacement job. Losing job was truly depressing during the few months, and I didn't enjoy interviews being an introvert.
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