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    So, I set my MOBO (ASUS m2r32-MVP) overclocking to auto- rather, this was the default setting. I kept getting CPU over voltage errors on boot. This , with the power settings in the desktop properties section set at standby. When I awoke the system, I was getting CPU voltage spikes in the 2.5 v range (normal CPU voltage is 1.4v. AT any rate, I went in under advanced CPU bios settings and set the CPU OC to manual and lowered the voltage in the BIOS to 1.3875. I am now clocking the CPU voltage at 1.44v on the ASUS probe 2 monitor.
    WTF is this about????
    Please explain......
    Am I ok now, Can I use the standby power mode and not worry about CPU over voltage??
    Help a newbie out plea:mrgreen: se.Any and all explanations are appreciated.
    Clueless in Saint Louis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Well I would turn off all auto overclocking coz quite frankly they are useless. You should stick to the stock voltage (set it manually.) if its supposed to be 1.4v stock then 1.44v is ok.
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