Dying Light

Discussion in 'Games' started by The_YongGrand, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Anyone tried that game already? It's like Dead Island, but the game has been tuned to be like Mirror's Edge and with more limited medikits.

    The most memorable thing in the game is the day/night cycle. At the night, it feels like the nightmare is actually real. It's dark, hyperactive zombies chasing after you, and the panting makes it feel like you're having that in real life. Note: Weapons can be only repaired for a few times before it's destroyed, so you need to use it when you have to use it!

    The PS4 version I have is pretty good, I love the parkour concept, but the weak controls killed me quite a number of times. On times I failed to grab on the ledge despite pressing the correct buttons, and I fell to my death, or got massacred by the angry zombies. What's more difficult is, I fumbled on the directional buttons (up-down-left-right buttons on left side of the PS4 controller) to switch weapons or use a medikit when I needed it the most. I believed that it's not the fault of the game - it's more on the controller where the buttons are located on the too far left side. In the end I had to extend and crane backwards my index finger to use a flashlight, switch weapons, or use a medikit which caused me to stop for a few moments. A few moments can be critical in that game because you are trying to push back a horde of undead, or run away from them.

    On the xbox1 controller, the direction buttons are on the center, so I can use my left thumb and
    lean my left hand forward instead of craning my digit. I wished there's an adapter which I can use that xbox1 controller to play it on a PS4 instead. :)

    Maybe I sucked bad at the controller, I can admit so. Apart from that, the game is pretty good despite all the problems. :D
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    I saw the game on Youtube, looks quite scary and interesting. Reminds a bit of Resident Evil.

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