Going to Santa Clara, California

Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL!! I will just be there for two days. The first day will be totally filled up with NVIDIA-related activities (look out for some juicy tidbits soon!!!!).

    But I should be free on the second day until I leave at midnight. Will be staying at the Santa Clara Marriott. Is it easy to get cheap public transport from here?

    As for PsYkHoTiK's request, well, I don't want to divulge the details of our private conversation but suffice to say, he's probably the LICHEST DUDE here. :shock: :shock:

    Will PsY be the first in ARP to own a Quad-SLI rig? Will he attempt to be the FIRST with TWO Quad-SLI rigs??? We will find out soon enough.... :wicked: :wicked:
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  2. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Too bad I don't have anything to buy...

    If it's AMD instead of Nvidia, then I might start considering! :haha:
  3. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    *me coughs*:wicked:
  4. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Wtf? He's getting 2 or 4 pieces of 512MB 7800GTX??? OMG... :confused: :faint: :faint: :faint:

    God... why you so unfair one... :cry:
  5. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    Same. Hehe :mrgreen:

    Eh, Intel is also based in Santa Clara, right? :wicked:
    Adrian, try and steal a Conroe ES for me, can :wicked:
  6. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    If Adrian got caught... then byebye ARP lo. :haha:
  7. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

  8. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    OMG!!! Really ARRR??? WaaahhhHH!!! :faint: :faint: :faint: :shock: :shock: :shock: :faint: :faint: :faint: I really faint liao. *faint* :faint:

    God ah... you bo cool la. Why I so poor one? I want to be LICH like PsYkHo! :wall: :wall: :wall: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
  9. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    LOL!! Adrian, hop over to Sunnyvale and grab an FX for me... :p

    then I will be ALL SET! :mrgreen:
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    LOL!!! NVIDIA and AMD are both going to kill me. :haha: :haha:
  11. Skip Da Shu

    Skip Da Shu Official BOG Supporter!


    So next time stay longer and swing thru Austin, TX (Silicon Gulch) and give me a ring. Dell, Motorola and a few others are here so maybe you can come up with a business reason to visit.

    PS: Hmmmm, let's disect this "Da Boss". As I recall "Da" is Mandarin for big and Boss is "lao ban". So "da lao ban" is 'big boss"... roughly... but also, doesn't lao = old and ban = board... so is this a "Big Old Board" or using the "da" as Elder or Old... an "Old Old Board"? Or does this somehow tie into a "lao ban zi"!! OUCH! LOL, Just joking...please take it as such.

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  12. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    How far Adrian has to swing to get to Texas? :think:
  13. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Its two timezones away... :D If he goes to Tx, he might as well swing up to my place in boring ol middle of nowhere place... :p
  14. Skip Da Shu

    Skip Da Shu Official BOG Supporter!

    eh... not tooooooo far

    Uh... in a plane... just a couple or 3 hours... But Dallas is a good connection spot depending on the airline ;)
  15. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    I don't think Adrian can afford so many swings. :haha:
  16. Jeremy

    Jeremy Black Sheep

    What kinda swings are we talking about here. :wicked:
  17. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    I was meaning both swings... whichever Adrian favours.. but since I supposed Jenny is following, so one of the swing is out of question. :mrgreen:
  18. Skip Da Shu

    Skip Da Shu Official BOG Supporter!

    Texas Swing

    Texas Swing... ever hear it? Try a band called "Asleep at the Wheel".
  19. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    ROFL :haha:

    Anyway, welcome to ARP, "big uncle" :mrgreen:
  20. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Wow... big uncle, I was going to ask what's the 2 characters meant. Dang... it's hard being a banana. :wall:

    Let's hope Adrian reached safely. :pray:

    DYKT: The whole ARP community rests on the pilot's shoulder at the moment. :think:

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