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Discussion in 'General Software' started by werty316, Jan 21, 2006.

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    I have a 300GB HD and split it into 2x150GB partitions, drive C: and D: for example. I would choose to install windows on drive C: and I would format it during the installation steps. Will this format the whole drive meaning both partition C: and D: or will it just format C: ? I only want to format C:
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    You should be able to format just partition C.
  3. aKho

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    format c: /s :wave:
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    I assume you are talking XP here or at least 2K. During the install by booting from the CD you can point it to your partition and it will format only that partition. You don’t need to or will even get an option to add the /s switch.

    However you need to have at least SP1 included on the XP CD, and SP3 on the 2K CD for the install to support hard drives over 137gigs in size.

    If it’s Win9x you want to install them you won’t be able to use any more than 137gigs of the hard drive as Microsoft never added LBA support for these OSes. Even though Win9x will often see drives or partitions larger that 137gigs, you will get data corruption if you try to use them.

    There is a work around for Win9x. You will have to install to a partition under the 137gig limit and then install this third party patch (not free) then you can resize the partition to what you want. http://members.aol.com/rloew1/Programs/Patch137.htm
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