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    Here I go again with a new question.

    After some readings on the net, it's shown that a good sound card like X-Fi Xtreme Gamer is always better than on-board's Asus cards, even on newest motherboards like my P7P55D-E Pro [*]. Especially cause it safe some processor and memory ressources...

    If I plan to install such a card, can I disable the HDA Controller in the BIOS ?

    HDA Controller [Enabled]
    [Enabled] - Enables the High Definition Audio Controller.
    [Disabled] - Disables the controller.

    Thanks for your answers :)

    [*] If someone disagree, please tell me why.
  2. LFDD@TechARP

    LFDD@TechARP Newbie

    So, I tryed to disable it and it simply disables the on-board sound card...

    I will let it disable cause all works fine with a PCI sound card and iI guess quality is better !
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Oh, you can definitely disable the onboard sound card, cause if you already have a separate sound card, the onboard sound card is redundant.
  4. LFDD@TechARP

    LFDD@TechARP Newbie

    Thanks for your reply...
  5. Sebastian66

    Sebastian66 Newbie

    I believe the yellow icon is from the driver being uninstalled.
    It's probably best to just re-install the AMD HDMI driver and then disable it.

    As long as the card has HDMI, you can't make the device go away,
    you can only disable it or uninstall the driver.

    Try enabling the audio in the BIOS, then disable the AMD driver.

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