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Discussion in 'Internet & Networking' started by jsrsolution, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Hi, guys.
    I just begin to build a forum. In my opinion, this forum is designed to discuss certain technical questions, and also collect useful tips or articles.even i am also doing SEO of my own developed siteswith the keywords like
    Dog portraits,portrait painters, portrait painters etc. There can be a problem of finding the forums. I think you can better find the results through goggle. These you can got most of the forums as well as content writting techniues.
    I want to amass some relarted articles from different communities, froums or blogs. After editing, if needed, add them to my froum.
    Are there any problems on copy right or search engine?
  2. karhoe

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    There shouldn't be any problem, just make sure you quote the original source.

    But even if you don't , most of the time they don't care, can't be bothered
  3. Adrian Wong

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    If you quote parts of someone's article, you MUST quote the original source. Otherwise, we could just create websites that are nothing but virtual copies of other people's work.

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