I would like to know on how to flash my bios the easy way

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    Well hello there. I am not to sure on how to flash my bios at all. I have a Dell Dimension 4600 with Windows XP Professional and Service Pack 3. And I have like no idea on how to flash my bios at all. So please help me out here on this problem that I am having. Because I really need a new bios because my bios is really old and my bios date is from 6/24/04, I believe. And that is just way to outdated for me which is not good. Also, I tried to go from my ACPI Uniprocessor to Multiprocessor but that did not do a thing to help. Like in my Task Manager it just shows 1 Cpu graph which is not good at all. I mean it should show at least 2 Cpu graphs. So I want to know why my Cpu graph is still showing 1 graph. Oh well. But when I update my computer driver to ACPI Multiprocessor, it should show at least 2 graphs! I mean something is not going right here. That is why probably because my bios needs to be flashed and upgraded to a different one, that's for sure. And also, I do not even have a hyperthreading option in my bios. Man, my bios is really old and not good. And also, I just found out that I can choose from different processors in my Device Manager when I double click on my processor which I have a Pentium 4. So I click on Update Driver and other different processors show up. Like a Pentium 3 processor shows and other ones. But I don't want a Pentium 3 processor because that's just probably not as good as a Pentium 4, which I have now. But what I am thinking is that when I change to Multiprocessor and enable my hyperthreading, I will see 2 Pentium 4 processors listed in my Device Manager. That would be cool. And then this gets better now. I bet when I double click on one of these processors and click update driver, it might show more better processors like a Core 2 Duo processor to choose from. Or even a Intel i7 or i5 processor! Man, this would be so cool to see. Because then when I really change to multiprocessor, I could probably change the processor in my computer virtually so that it works like there is a different processor in my computer! Pretty neat, huh? And then of course my Task Manager would show maybe 4 cpu graphs, 8 graphs, or even 16 graphs! Wow! You know how cool that would be for me? So this way I wouldn't have to buy a whole new computer and waste my money. It's just really too cool for words. So that's that. Now onward to my bios screen. Here my bios screen is like a grey background with white text. But my bios should be a blue screen, not grey because that is an outdated version of my bios, I am assuming here. So what I am saying to you is that I really need some help here on how to flash my bios. And how do I know which bios update it is that I need to flash so it works for me? But I have no idea on how to do this at all because I'm confused. Well anyway, explain to me the easy way on how to do this for me so I understand it more clearly. All righty then? So please get back to me as soon as possible and let me know more about this stuff because it's really important to me. And I really want to flash my bios very soon! So thank you very much for your time! :confused: :cry:
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    What a joker...... :nuts:

    I think you need this book:
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