Intel Centrino Overclocking Guide Posted!

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  1. Dashken

    Dashken Administrator!

    Due to their proprietary nature, notebooks have so far eluded attempts at overclocking. Except for isolated cases, notebooks have so far been safe from the overclocking craze. Until today, that is.

    Today, we will show you how to overclock Intel Centrino motherboards! We will show you how to do it, as well as explore the risks and the rewards associated with such an attempt.


    Link : Intel Centrino Overclocking Guide!
  2. aye29

    aye29 Newbie

    In the section about PCI Speeds, you said that "we only tested up to the FSB speed of 125MHz. At that FSB speed, the PCI bus would be running at 41.6MHz." Why does the screenshot of ClockGen in the previous section show a PCI speed of only 20.24MHz when the FSB speed is 121MHz?
  3. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    That's because that screenshot was for the processor speed of 1.7GHz with the FSB speed of 121MHz and PCI clock speed of 40.48MHz.

    After that, we went a bit further.. to 1.75GHz but no further. We did not take a screenshot for 1.75GHz.
  4. aye29

    aye29 Newbie

    I understand that you didn't take a screenshot of the processor at 1.75GHz. I don't understand why ClockGen reported the PCI speed to be only 20.24Mhz and not 40.48MHz as it should be when running at 1.70GHz.
  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    We are not sure either.

    Possibly the Toshiba M30 motherboard is using a minor variation of the ICS clock generator. This may have allowed proper adjustment of the FSB but caused ClockGen to report the PCI and AGP clocks at half the actual clock speeds.
  6. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    These clockgens may not be accurate when reporting the PCI and AGP speed, because they normally cannot detect the PCI speed thru software, this is especially true for boards without PCI lock.
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Yeah, that's why we still had to confirm that there was no PCI lock with the Centrino motherboard by running tests with HDTach.
  8. zamo_x

    zamo_x Newbie

    i have the same model of notebook (satellite m30). i have tried to overclock.. all the things work excellent except the sound.. which doesn't want. it works only at default fsb.
    what about the cooling? have you seen any difference, heat increase?
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  9. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Looks like the sound chip does not like the increased PCI Bus, i guess there's no choice but to bump it back down to the default speed :(
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Huh, you sure the sound chip won't work, even with a slight overclock? :think:

    There will be an increase in thermal output, no doubt. After all, everything is now running faster.

    However, the Pentium M processor and the i855PM chipset don't have a very high thermal output in the first place so you should not need to worry too much about overheating.

    In fact, our M30 was completely stable even at 1.75GHz. We could have gone higher, I suspect, if only the PCI bus was locked. :mrgreen:
  11. zamo_x

    zamo_x Newbie

    the limit is fsb: 109.40. after that the sound chipset won't work
  12. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Ahh.. That's terrible. :wall:

    But that should at least let you overclock the 1.4GHz Pentium M to 1.53GHz. Not to mention have the memory bus running at a higher speed too.
  13. overl0ad

    overl0ad Newbie

    my biggest worry is what heppens if my sysem freezes and i have to hard reset this thing?

    there isn't a 'bios reset switch' like there is on my desktop

    any suggestions?

  14. login

    login Newbie

    Dear Adrian Wong, I'm a Spanish reader Of this page, I think its wonderful, I tried to Overclock my Asus M6726NELH, Dothan 1,6 ghz to show overclock capabilities in dothan in my webpage, AND the first time I tried to overclock my dothan it incrEased aproximately tu 1,8 ghz, I do not remember how exactly it was, I tried CY28346 It look fine first time, I had an 1,8 dothan for the same price, I tried son benches, and it was cool! But after by a windows XP error, it had shut down...

    Next time I tried to overclock it, the #1J error, appeared, do you know could it have ocurred?

    Thnx :mrgreen: :thumb: I love this page, its very useful :clap: :clap:
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2005
  15. I am a Toshiba M30X owner...I tried the clockgen , it works+ there seems to be an AGP PCI lock! The problem is that although I can set lets say..1704 Mhz, the actual frequency of the laptop remains 1502. I confirmed this with cpuz and speedswichXP (excelent application for laptops). How on earth can I save the settings of clockgen ? I even placed a shotcut on startup folder , the clockgen appears on win startup but the frequency remains 1500!! :dance: :wall:
  16. login

    login Newbie

    ALexfromhellas I had the same problem with cpu-z it still remained in 1600 mhz :nuts: :nuts:

    see ya! ;) :mrgreen: :dance:
  17. With M30X ? (Dothan 715-9700 AtiRadeon)
  18. login

    login Newbie

    Asus M6726NELH :wicked: :whistle:
  19. login

    login Newbie

    I had retried and it overclocked, but first time it went fine and the second time the #1J error... how can it be?? It's very strange no? :confused: :confused: It's there anyay to make it work another time?thx!

    see ya!bye :thumb:
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    If it hangs and refuses to reboot, what you can do is press the power button for at least 4 seconds. That will power off the notebook.

    As a last resort, remove the battery and turn off the AC power. But you normally don't need to do this. :mrgreen:

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