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  1. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    i know this is strange but why to buy water cooling when u have a skill to make one ?
    here is my small start with making this thing
    1. water block
    i have used aluminum (it is not pure aluminum it is used for constructing large radiators so it have faster thermal transfer)
    so i playd few hours with one of machines on my work place so i got this
    2. water pump
    well i have buyd a pump for aquarium lol and it cost-ed me around 10$
    i know it is funny but its flow is 1500L/h and that is a good thing
    because for pump that have high flow you need to pay over 100$
    3. radiator
    well that was problem to get here (in my country)
    so i used a radiator for heating (from Opel Ascona)

    and here is how it looks

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    i know most of you guys will say that cpu is slow and old
    but i used it because it is almost hot like a old Thunderbird
    so it is perfect candidate for testing is not final solution i am still working on tank and smaller cpu block to fit 775 socket (will be fully made from Cu)

    p.s.2. still runing a OCCT tests and i hope it will run for 24 hours

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  2. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd


    That looks real sweet.

    Could you post up some of the stuff you use at the machine shop that you use to make this?

    Lotsa respect for the self made machined crowd... :beer:
  3. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    Cool stuff Bro and welcome to techARP ... cool mods :thumb:
  4. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    well i will but you will need to w8 some time
    and it is one large machine like a horizontal drill
    it is hard to operate with one of those
    it is all manually no computer on it so you need to calculate
    will make also a pics of new cpu block
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  5. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Wow.. Your own home-made waterblock.

    BTW, you can upload full-sized pictures here using the Attachment mode (below the text entry area when you create a new thread / post reply). It will automatically generate thumbnails for you. :thumb:
  6. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    thanks and i know for that option but it will less stress your forum and thread when is used like imageshack or similiar thumbs
  7. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    True, although sometimes they (imageshack, etc.) do go down or not display properly.
  8. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    I agree Gen you didn't have that option when you first joined but now you can and its hosted here ... although Adrian hasn't checked my beer tab yet lol :haha: :haha:
  9. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    hmm what do you guys think what material would be better for new cpu block ? i still cant decide
  10. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Copper??? :twisted:
  11. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    I second that Gen copper transfers heat better through itself as a medium whereas aluminum dissipates it better to another medium like air .. I do believe we have had this discussion before LOL :D
  12. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    yeah it was a long one
    but i prefer ionized copper LOL
  13. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    It was a long one and I don't want any form of copper in my heatsink fins LOL ;)
  14. jasperchc

    jasperchc Newbie

    copper base + aluminium top?
  15. Lacus

    Lacus Newbie

    Wow! Cool~~ Btw is it possible that in the future you will be using your system on the rig to test the WC system :D
    @mac_daddy, I though copper is much better in transfering heat compare to alluminium? Since almost every hsf's base is using copper (i think).
  16. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Sure if you want some Galvanic corrosion... :)

    Copper? Gold! :p Let's see a gold block! :p

    hahha jking... :nuts:
  17. Papercut

    Papercut Newbie

    Not good to have different metals in a watercooling loop, if I remember correctly...
  18. generalRage1982hrv

    generalRage1982hrv ARP Reviewer

    well to get galvanic corosion you would need acid base liquid
    but to use antifreez liquid or pure H2O you will avoid that

    and if you wanna gold block send me the cash and i will make u one hehehheheeheehehhee
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  19. Mac Daddy

    Mac Daddy Pickin' Da Gitfiddle

    Yes its better at transferring through itself depends on the alloy mixture. Pure copper tends to hold heat or cold and transfer it through itself thats why it was originally used for cold and hot water pipes in houses. But I could be wrong :D
  20. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    You can never prevent galvanic corrosion, not even with pure anti freeze. :lol:

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