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Discussion in 'Adrian Wong' started by Adrian Wong, Oct 30, 2012.

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    Indeed they are bright and the light seems equal. I'm planning to replace my economic light bulbs (when they are exhausted) with LED lights. What have you used?
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    Well, I never like the idea of kerb to prevent cars from getting too close, because different cars have different overhang length.

    I always have that problem with my hatchback because of very short overhang at the back, but it is not exactly a small car, so I can still be out of the box, but the kerb stop me from getting into the box completely. If you don't change car, I think that's fine. And the kerb is not too high.
  3. Adrian Wong

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    Yeah, and they also last longer and have no problem if you turn them on and off all the time, which will quickly kill compact fluorescent lights.

    I'm actually using generic Chinese-made LED lights, because the GE LED lights that was available was round in shape, and I wanted the square version.

    Chinese-made LED lights vary a lot in power output, efficiency, quality and price, so I took a long time to look for the ones that I found acceptable.

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