need help: epox 8RDA+

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by athlonxp, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. goldfries


    ok er. don't mean to be n00b but......... what's YMMV?
  2. zy

    zy Staff Member

    YMMV = you must measure volt ?:haha: ..
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  3. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    haha.. good one.. er ok let me explain.. YMMV=Your Milage May Vary.. :mrgreen:
  4. kayFX,
    You modded your CPU? My multiplier is stuck at 11v. Are you air or watercooled? What temps do you run at idle and load? :)
  5. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    nope.. my Barton 2600+ has multiplier lock @ 11.5.. my idle temp at 40C and top @ 45C.. and its air cooled (thanks to my trusted SP97 and 92mm fan).. :mrgreen:
  6. goldfries


    i'm on SLK900U. 80mm fan (CM LED).

    load 40c on air con
    load 48c on hot day close room no ventilation

    temps may vary depending on the speed of my blowers.
  7. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    thermalright it is.. :thumb:
  8. HHHmmmmmm.... I have a jet7 slapped on and the lowest temps I can get is I think 50. But that's on full load. :shock:

    I wonder..... :think:
  9. kayFX

    kayFX Newbie

    go get a thermalright
  10. goldfries


    i'm at 38c now - air con and 100% load.
  11. Well, they're really nice fins. I wish I could get one but I don't think I've seen the brand Thermalright to be available here. :?

    It sucks that our country doesn't have anything similar to Sim Lim Square or Low Yat Plaza. :roll:
  12. goldfries


    maybe you can get it over at eBay or something.

    newegg doesn't do international (i think) but there are some that do. :)
  13. I'm still thinking about it. :D I might let go of my current system come January.

    I'm hoping I'll be able to replace it with a monster!!! :twisted: :twisted:
  14. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    I'm happy to hear that now you were able to run your CPU at 210X10. I think that 1.725V is pretty safe, altough you should monitor your CPU temperatures all the time, just to be sure your safe (you can use MBM 5).
  15. Does anyone know how high this board can overclock a barton on aircooling? :roll:
  16. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    The maximum that I saw for that mobo was 217x11, running stable on stock air cooling, and 217x11.5, running hot, just temporarily, on stock air cooling.
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  17. Thanks!!! :) I was wondering how high I could overclock my CPU.

    I was planning on watercooling this but I was never able to get around to actually do it. Funny thing, though, I have a swiftech waterblock already. :haha:

    But it seems that I need a better pair of memory sticks. I can still set my FSB higher than 205 but after benchmarking, it actually scored lower. :shock:

    And I couldn't tighten my timings anymore. Though I was thinking of swapping my memory from my dad's pc to mine. He has nice pair of PQI turbos and his rig is not even overclocked. :mrgreen: :haha:

  18. Errrr... Does anybody know what BIOS ROM Checksum error mean? :?
  19. zachig

    zachig Newbie

    Oops, I'm not sure, but, did you try by any chance to RESET your BIOS CMOS? If so, and I hope this is not the situation, you're in trouble. I once tried to RESET my BIOS CMOS after a failing overclock and I got this error (or something similar) during booting/posting and couldn't fixed it. Finally I had to re-flash my BIOS.

    If you're really interested in overclocking, you should definitely go for watercooling.

    I'm currently running my Barton 2500+ at 3200+ (210x11) with a home-made watercooling system with pretty low temperatures (Idle-30C ; Load-42C).

    I think I could have gone higher with my overclock if I had another mobo, which is my bottleneck. Since it is EPOX 8RDA3+ with old revision (Rev. 1.1) it limits me and I cannot keep stability over an FSB of 210MHz.

    BTW: I'm running it with 2x256MB PC4000 Mushkin Memory modules with tight timings of 6-2-2-2.

    Hope this helps. If your need more advice/help, don't hesitate to ask.

  20. Your advice/help is greatly appreciated, zachig. :thumb:

    I checked around if there was anything on the web about the bios error and true enough, my bios has been corrupted. :faint: I'm not sure as to why, though.

    It happened when I installed the memory sticks of my dad's pc. When I pushed the button to turn it on it made beeping sounds and that was the message that came up. This wasn't the first time I tried to install it in my rig. So I was very surprised to say the least. :shock:

    Nice timings on your memory. I'm running (or more accurately, was) my memory at 8-3-3-3. Anything tighter than that and it locks up. I really have to get me those OCZ's!!! :haha:

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