NF7-S:How To make Front panel sound and back panel sound simutaniously???

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  1. rudhrasamy

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    As stated in the title im wanna know the way to do it.... i ahve google around and saw the following thread from abit-usa.... they mentioned that rojakpot have pitorial guide.... so someone can guide me in this matter:pray: :pray: ... im realy appriciate your help...

    Thanx alot.:pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:
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  3. rudhrasamy

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    thanx alottttt

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    But my front panel only have 5 cables

    SPK L
    SPK R

    so where does it all goes..... i know that the spk r n spk l will be joined to the jumper.... how bout the gnd
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  4. rudhrasamy

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    its working fine after just attach the GND to ground.... Thanx alottt

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