Overclocking my X850XT AGP..

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by MtX, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. MtX

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    Ok, here are my bios settings first of all:

    300x8 = 2400MHz
    LDT x3
    1.475v + 0.2v Vcore (1.53V actual cuz this board undervolts)
    1.85 Vdd
    1.5 VAgp
    2.6 Vdimm (2.68V actual cuz this board overvolts)
    3:2 divider
    2-2-5-2-2T (1T unstable no matter what)

    1.5 Vagp (default)
    AGP Freq 67 (should lock it)
    AGP Aperture 256
    Fast Write: Disabled
    Sideband: Disabled

    I used ATItool and it says my X850XT (520/540 default) can run up to 557/625..... so I pop in 550/615 to be safe.. I load 3DMark and it gives error/freezes.. run some NHL2006 and it freezes.. even at 540/590 it gives me problems.. so wtf?!?!? why cant I oc this card? I got a VF700Cu running on it and its 30/55... temps are fine..
  2. MtX

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  3. PsYkHoTiK

    PsYkHoTiK Admin nerd

    Never trust auto overclocks. There is no such thing. Especially when it comes to ATI tool.. :D Manually overclock it. start with either core or memory. Crank it up till u get errors. Then back off till it goes away and work on the other one.
  4. zachig

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    Yeah, PsYkHoTiK is right, overclock only manually and do it gradually till your start to get errors. Also verify that your Antec 480W PSU is enough (although I'm pretty sure it is) as those cards are known for their huge power consumption!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. MtX

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    how do i know if my psu isnt dying? cause i think it might be, ive been stressin + overclockin my entire computer the past few days and ive been hearin weird noises :\
  6. Sir Killalot

    Sir Killalot Guest

    Dont't think power (wattage at least) doesn't have anything to do with it. Even pretty high end machines don't use that kind of power. But I would check if the 12V line can supply at least 18A, over 20A is prefferable (A64/P4 and videocards uses the 12V quite a bit). ALthough...I dont think the problem is the Antec.

    I have the same prob with (about) the same system.
    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (NF3 250Gb)
    8x300 = 2400 (3000+) @ 1.36V
    200 MHz DDR 3:2 divider (modded BIOS to have same timings of 1:1 at every divider)
    2-3-2-7-1T (7 should be the fastest for AMD64 like 11 used to be for NF2)
    Using a ASUS V9999GE (12,5 350/1000) @ 6800 Ultra (16,6 400/1100)

    I'm trying to overclock it as well and Coolbits (NV overclock util) gives me 455/1188 on optimal freq. (tested mutiple times...a lot). Yet when I try to bench/game with these settings or anything over Ultra setting (and even then once)...I get freezes.

    Haven't really bothered with it for some time now, but when I saw your thread I did some more Googling:

    Sorry to link to another (competing) forum, but as nVnews.net links a lot to this site (kinda how I got here) and that thread's HUGE already (doing it here al over again seems like a waste), there's gotta be a suggestion that works...
    I'm gonna go and try some, I'll post if something works, but it might not work for you :roll: :(
    *EDIT: it was indeed Fast Writes. If turned off; I can overclock further and get some nice looking artifacts when going too far instead of freezes.
    But alas...I see you've turned that of already :( Maybe recheck with a proggy if it's really turned of though
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  7. MtX

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  8. MtX

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    somehow it works now..

    how do i get it to run when i load windows?

    ati overdrvie is stupid, it keeps loadin stock defaults...
  9. MtX

    MtX Newbie

    how do i get it to automatically OC when i load windows?
  10. Chai

    Chai Administrator Staff Member

    Get a third party overclocker like ATI Tray Tool or Radclocker.
  11. MtX

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    I use ATI Tool.

    Is there software to automatically OC when you load up 3D apps?

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