Question regarging nTune/and update.

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  1. Python

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    My issue was resolved thanks to GOLDFRIES or goldfries thank you whoever you are that was so sweet and super fast. Just downloaded nTunes 5.05.54

    Hey, I read the artical about how to overclock my dual NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+'s but when I install the nTune utility or the newer System Tools with ESA Support I do not get the Preformance option in my NVIDIA control panel, Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong here? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    I am running Windows XP sirvive pack 3, two PNY GeForce 9800GTX+ video cards with updated 190.62 drivers. I have tried both versions of nTune utility. First I tried the updated version 6.02 then uninstalled that and tryed the nTune the earlier version. And I still can not get the preformance option in my NIVDIA control panel Sorry for the lack of information in my earlier post.
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  2. Adrian Wong

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    It would be helpful if you can tell us what operating system you are using, and the NVIDIA driver you installed.
  3. goldfries


    From my experience, it's the same regardless of OS.

    Just enter nVidia CP - and look for the newly added option on the left, you won't see the settings right away.

    IINM, you'll have to agree to some questions and so on first before you are presented the settings.
  4. goldfries


    hold on, I'll install nTune and give you some screenshots.

    ok. you right click on desktop, click on NVIDIA Control Panel

    k. refer to both my attachments.

    this is in the ADVANCED view of NVIDIA Control Panel.

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  5. goldfries


    ok I've posted in the earlier post. :D hope it helps.
  6. goldfries


    er, attachment on post #5. :) screen shots of the NV CP.
  7. Python

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    OK man thank you very much I got it, the screen shot helped I saw that you had the 5.05.54 virsion so I tried that and it worked perfectly. I can't tell you how much this held out. You're the Man, Or the women but I'm guessing the Man. Thanks a lot.
  8. Python

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    Thanks again man that really helps me out.
  9. goldfries


    glad to see it helped. :D

    i use nTune often, cos it's convenient for simple controls for core / mem / fan.
  10. Adrian Wong

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    Yeah, me too. nTune is really useful. :thumb:

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