Samsung SGH-L760 Mobile Phone User Logs

Discussion in 'Notebooks & Mobile Devices' started by rusty, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Shozuuu...

    How come so susah to upload photo into my blog?? the phone says no network available??

    i finally painstakingly managed to set up my Shozu account... previously went to Shozu but didn't really understand how to set up... finally got it activated.... but can't upload photo yet... :faint:
  2. can edi.... finally... :dance:
  3. goldfries


    as of now, i'm browsing through the phone. NICE!

    helianthus_san, you post to which blog site?
  4. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Her blog is BIG doggie, small DOGGIE :thumb:
  5. goldfries


    ok. looks like my post came a little late.

    maybe 3G slow. :p anyway now I'm on my macbook.

    anyway knows what's the 3G modem name on the phone? wanna try my luck on Mac OS.
  6. goldfries


    You know what Adrian, Samsung people don't know their product well enough.

    FYI I'm on my Macbook right now, running Mac OS X and I'm currently connected to the Internet VIA the 3G modem of the SGH-L760 using BlueTooth!

    What the crap are Samsung people talking about la? Didn't even take me half an hour to get it working. Luckily I made effort to figure out.

    Part of the time was figuring out how to get the Mac to talk to the phone. Part of the time was looking for driver and later on a slight confusion over the connection on my part. Eheh, pardon my blurness. I was testing the USB connection to Macbook as well but it somehow didn't detect the device.

    Anyway back to the story...... yeah after a short test - voila!

    :) Damn, with this DISCOVERY at least now SAMSUNG would realize it's actually usable even on Mac. :D

    perhaps Samsung should hire me. :) or at least give me a few more phones. haha.
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  7. goldfries


    Late nite speed test


    Ahh it's good to know my Macbook finally has complete mobility!

    Damn sucky connection also nmind. At least can kill time.
  8. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Ahh.. You have to go through Bluetooth la. That would be possible since Bluetooth is the intermediary medium. I think they are referring to the fact that you cannot use it as a 3G modem by hooking up to the USB port.
  9. goldfries


    i doubt it.

    sentence was clear enough, they were saying that it requires the PC Studio software to be able to establish connection (bluetooth / datacable)

  10. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    When using bluetooth, it's basically not using anything Samsung proprietary to connect. Instead, it uses the OBEX standards for Modems and any bluetooth implementation, whether on PC/Max/Linux should detect and use the modem without any need to install any hardware specific drivers.

    Samsung might just wanted to be cautious as Bluetooth implementations is kinda not standard sometimes depending on the implementor.

    What they meant was to detect their specific phone as a modem using their specific drivers. So in this case, there's no Mac drivers yet. Thus their statement.

    HOWEVER, they should have at least mention that you can still try and connect using OBEX. But i guess they are just afraid to support anything that's not within their control. Heh.
  11. goldfries


    Yes Ken, precisely.

    See, my knowledge on connectivity with 3G via mobile devices is definitely damn shallow :) hence the question was put forth to Samsung to seek their assistance.

    I admit I had never bluetooth to any mobile device (besides phone to phone and phone to headset la) and 3G before.

    so my question was simple ......

    I did not ask anything about whether SAMSUNG or any of their drivers or whatever thing supports Mac.

    All I wanted to know was whether there is a way for my Macbook to access the Internet via the phone 3G capability.

    I'm just asking whether or not it could be done.

    that phrase with the word REQUIRES is straightforward - NO PC STUDIO, NO CONNECT. In fact it stopped me from testing it for the past weeks.

    just that after (my hectic 2 weeks of projects) I finally have the chance to test out the device's interaction with my PC and subsequently test out the 3G connection, then only I understood how the connection could be established.

    Using the same concept plus remembering what I saw on the Mac OS connectivity options, then only I thought of the possibility and decided to give it a try. :)

    My Point : I felt like either they don't know their product or they're just not telling me the full story. Nevertheless, I'm now even more happy with the SGH-L760 for sure! Now I just have to wait for my Macbook's battery to come back from RMA.
  12. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Hmm.. That's correct. Connection by Bluetooth should not be a problem. I will have to go ping them about it.
  13. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    wow! BT 3G modem! cool! will be handy in those situations when i forgot the cable.

    btw, is this phone officially launched yet? last sunday i was at Digital Mall and i saw this Samsung girl promoting the U700 and L760. there's boxes of them stacked quite high on the counter.

    and speaking of bluetooth....

    [bluetooth reboot bug report]
    The bluetooth reboot bug bit again.

    device:BH 100 (hands free)
    battery:SGH L760 and BH 100 fully charged
    usage:workdays (mon-sat) don't bring BH100 out on sundays. so BT is off on sundays and when i sleep (11pm-6am daily)

    following is the chronology of events.
    when BH100 is connected, there's a beep tone (beep1) from the BH100 ear piece. and when it's disconnects, a different beep tone is heard (beep2), it's standard feature, to tell the user that BH100 disconnected/connected.

    yesterday, i heard a beep2, but didn't give much thought about it, i carry on working. later the day, i got an incoming call, BH100 didn't sound (ear piece will play nokia ringtone when there's incoming call). answered through L760 by sliding the slider up (open).
    after the call, i notice that the "bluetooth headset connected" icon is on. so, i test it by giving a call to a friend. the call got connected, but it's through the L760 instead. the last time the same thing happened, the call couldn't be heard from both the L760 and BH100.

    after that, i disconnected the BH100 connection
    setting>network settings>bluetooth>my devices>BH100 (disconnect)
    it took longer then usual to disconnect.

    then i try to reconnect it again
    setting>network settings>bluetooth>my devices>BH100 (connect)
    it didn't connect at all, didn't even time out. the process was terminated when i close the slide.

    then i turn off bluetooth all together
    setting>network settings>bluetooth>activation (off)
    the message "turn off bluetooth" was displayed and i waited for the process to complete. i waited and waited, it's taking forever so i close the slide yet again to terminate the process.

    after closing the slide, i notice the bluetooth logo was not at the main screen. so, meaning bluetooth off. then i reactivate bluetooth again
    setting>network settings>bluetooth>activation (on)
    this is when the whole phone rebooted like what i reported in my first post.

    was using bluetooth headset without a single incident for the past 3 weeks and now the bug has bitten again. random glitch?
  14. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Okay, e-mailed Lawrence about this, but it looks like he's away for a conference in Singapore. So, I think we will only hear back from him tomorrow at the earliest. :beer:
  15. goldfries


    Adrian, you mailing Lawrence about the modem issue ah? :p

    Rusty, I've been seeing SGH-L760 boxes at quite a few places. Last I remember, Tesco at Cheras (the one that took over Makro)

    The Bluetooth detected my macbook, SE K700i and Nokia 3110c BUT it refuses to detected any of my headsets.
  16. rusty

    rusty Newbie

    ^wow, so, it's being sold widely already. funny though i don't recall any launch whatsoever. or maybe there wasn't one.
  17. goldfries


    I see their boxes but I have no idea if it was on sale.

    Need Samsung to verify that. In fact you can do a search on the phone model and there's plenty of site and some reviews on it too.
  18. peaz

    peaz ARP Webmaster Staff Member

    Actually, you can do a whole lot and not need the stupid studio crap to do stuff with your phone. At least that's the case for sony ericsson. all you need is a USB Data cable or BT connection and MyphoneExplorer ;)
  19. goldfries


    The phone interfaces with my MB more than my PC. :)
  20. Adrian Wong

    Adrian Wong Da Boss Staff Member

    Okay, Lawrence says that he will check on Rusty's BH-100 issue. Probably there is an update that can fix it. But he asks if you can try it with another headset because....


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