Unboxing The Early 2015 Apple MacBook Pro

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    The long-awaited Early 2015 refresh of the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display brought with it significant improvements, even while it maintained the same unibody design.

    While most pundits already predicted an upgrade to the 5th Generation Intel Core processor (codenamed Broadwell), its attendant Iris Graphics 6100 graphics processor and a longer battery life, no one expected the Early 2015 MacBook Pro to also feature the new Force Touch trackpad and a much faster SSD.


    All-in-all, they provided enough incentive for many people to upgrade, include yours truly. Today, we are going to unbox the latest 13" Apple MacBook Pro (Early 2015) for your viewing pleasure. We will also compare it to the mid-2010 MacBook Pro. Let's take a look!

    Link : Unboxing The Early 2015 Apple MacBook Pro

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