Vigor Monsoon II - TEC + Air Cooling

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Cooling & Modding' started by Max_87, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Max_87

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  2. ChampionLLY

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    that thing wouldnt cause condensation meh...?
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  3. Olle P

    Olle P Newbie

    Not without working in a tropical environment where the ambient air is >40C and humidity ~100%.

    Under normal conditions the CPU will stay above room temperature, which is all it takes to stay clear of condensation. (There will be no condensation as long as it's above the dew point, which is lower than room temperature if the humidity is <100%.)

    I think it seems like a neat and very smart setup, but could use a more linear control of the fan and peltier than the discrete on-off used in the tested version.
    I'm also thinking about what could be acheived with water cooling in this sort of sandwich arrangement; CPU-block1-peltier-block2. Control the peltier current to keep the "cool" side at room temperature (or up to 5C below).

  4. Max_87

    Max_87 huehuehue

    hehe, read the review :mrgreen: There is a control module that will turn off the TEC when the temperature goes below 25c to prevent condensation.
  5. ChampionLLY

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    ic... coz that time i make a "tunnel" & guide my aircon towards the heatsink...

    ended up soaking the hsf wet... =S
  6. viciousking

    viciousking Newbie

    Water cooling the TEC instead of air sounds good. However, it would bring all the possible problem that is associated with water cooling into the equation, at the same time, not really doing anything better than air cooling. I think the way it is should be good.

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