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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Adrian Wong, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. Chai

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  2. ZuePhok

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    haha. just convert it urself la.

    3 batu (rock) dan (and) 4 pasir (sand) :haha:
  3. Jeremy

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    AIYOR! Still don't understand...
  4. Chai

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    Liang is the old 'chinese currency', Chin is money in cantonese.

    Liang is actually in Mandarin, while Chin is in cantonese...
  5. u

    u ■ ■ ■ ■

    i thought liang and chin are both weight measurements? mine is plain 4 liang..dont see any 'chin'

    You live a full life and you will never be deprived of anything. You are someone who needs to take charge of everything you do. There will be challenges to face in your early years, but there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy life at a later age. To increase your wealth luck, place a 3-legged toad (facing the door) at a diagonal position from the main door.'s pretty true... :mrgreen:
  6. peaz

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    So what's that suppose to mean???
  7. ZuePhok

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    ask u to spend money:haha:
  8. bslee

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    Wah, time of birth seems important. An hour difference seems to point to a different fate. Even then, we really can't be sure if the actual time of birth on BC is accurate or not. Mum is already too old to remember already..sigh!..
  9. Chai

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    Check your birth cert. :p
  10. Adrian Wong

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    Me neither. But most people are born in the early morning hours. Drives obstetricians mad. Hehe..
  11. Dashken

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    Well... you get a 2 hour buffer. So, I think the time in the bc should be accurate. But if yours is 10.59am, then sorry la... could be either one. :shifty:
  12. Papercut

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    In that case, you can swing both ways :whistle:

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